And the winner is…

Over fifty votes were cast by the end of Friday and some brilliant suggestions came up. Amongst my favourites are Shrubby the Little Droney Copter and The Shrubtor, but the overwhelming winner with 43% percent of the votes is, of course:

Droney McDroneface

Thank you all for participating – what an amazing turnout! It is a stunning day today in Edinburgh and with a bit of luck the new sensor gimbals will be ready this afternoon so that we can take ‘Droney’ out for a first flight with his proper name. We will let you know how it goes!

The next stop for ‘Droney’ and Shrubcopter is Inuvik, NWT before deployment to Qikiqtaruk – Herschel Island for two months this summer in the Canadian Arctic.  We will be testing how satellite and drone imagery correspond with on-the-ground measurements of tundra vegetation change from the timing of leaf out and flowering to increased shrub growth.

To find out more about this research, check out our research page.

Poll Results

by Jakob


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