Drones, logistics and off we go to Canada

The time is finally come and the first Team Shrub member has arrived in Canada. Dashing ahead to pave the way for the rest of us, Isla left Scotland yesterday and is now continuing with the field season preparations in Vancouver. The rest of us will follow soon!

Back in Edinburgh, Team Shrub has been a bustling bee hive sorting out logistics and preparing the field season. The amount of preparations involved in Arctic fieldwork is definitely not to be underestimated: research permits, transport, accommodation, scientific kit, food (for two month in one go), planning the experiments and surveys … Simply speaking: a lot to do!

Luckily there is also a lot of fun to have, last week Santeri and I took part in an expedition first aid course, learning how to treat open fractures, decide which medicines to use in case we get an infection and suture small wounds. At the end we were a bit tired of hearing about all the things that could possibly go wrong, but repeatedly packing each other up in survival bags in front of the sunny Grant Institute and getting good at CPR was definitely great fun. Fingers crossed that we won’t have to apply our newly learned knowledge this summer.

And of course there are the drones: After many hours of planning, assembly, soldering and cutting carbon fibre, ShrubCopter finally got a new twin! We yet have to find a name for it – so if you haven’t done so already already, please click here to vote for your favourite name. The weather was with us yesterday and we went out to Boghall Farm for its first maiden flight. Check out the video! Luckily, all primary tests went well and a big weight flew off our shoulders. Special thanks go to the UoE Airborne GeoScience Team, including Tom, Simon and Callum without their all their effort this would have not been possible!

By Jakob

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