Tundra Protocols
Here are tundra monitoring and experimental protocols developed by members of Team Shrub. Check back periodically for updates.

High Latitude Drone Ecology Network protocols

Species pool protocol
Species Pool Protocol for the International Tundra Experiment Network (ITEX). Open Science Framework. DOI: 10.17605/OSF.IO/AGDFQ (pdf)

Tundra tea bag protocol
Tundra_Tea_Bag_Index_Protocol_May2016 (pdf)
Tundra_Tea_Bag_Index_Protocol_May2016 (word .docx)
Tea_Bag_Index_Data_Entry_Form_Metadata (excel .xlsx)

Plant trait protocol
Plant_Trait_Protocol_May2015 (pdf)
Plant_Trait_Protocol_May2015 (word .docx)

Snapshot phenology protocol
Snapshot_Phenology_Protocol_May2014 (pdf)
Snapshot_Phenology_Protocol_May2014 (word .docx)

Snapshot phenology data sheet
Snapshot_Phenology_Datasheet_May2014 (pdf)
Snapshot_Phenology_Datasheet_May2014 (word .docx)

Metadata form
ITEX_ShrubHub_Metadata_protocols_May2014 (pdf)
ITEX_ShrubHub_Metadata_protocols_May2014 (word .docx)

Shrub monitoring protocol
Shrub Monitoring Protocol February 2012 (pdf)