Tundra Protocols
Here are tundra monitoring and experimental protocols developed by members of Team Shrub. Check back periodically for updates.

Above belowground protocol
Above_Belowground_Phenology_Protocols_14May2021 (pdf)

High Latitude Drone Ecology Network protocols

Species pool protocol
Species Pool Protocol for the International Tundra Experiment Network (ITEX). Open Science Framework. DOI: 10.17605/OSF.IO/AGDFQ (pdf)

Tundra tea bag protocol
Tundra_Tea_Bag_Index_Protocol_May2016 (pdf)
Tundra_Tea_Bag_Index_Protocol_May2016 (word .docx)
Tea_Bag_Index_Data_Entry_Form_Metadata (excel .xlsx)

Plant trait protocol
Plant_Trait_Protocol_May2015 (pdf)
Plant_Trait_Protocol_May2015 (word .docx)

Snapshot phenology protocol
Snapshot_Phenology_Protocol_May2014 (pdf)
Snapshot_Phenology_Protocol_May2014 (word .docx)

Snapshot phenology data sheet
Snapshot_Phenology_Datasheet_May2014 (pdf)
Snapshot_Phenology_Datasheet_May2014 (word .docx)

Metadata form
ITEX_ShrubHub_Metadata_protocols_May2014 (pdf)
ITEX_ShrubHub_Metadata_protocols_May2014 (word .docx)

Shrub monitoring protocol
Shrub Monitoring Protocol February 2012 (pdf)