High-latitude Drone Ecology Network
A network of high-latitude ecologists using drones to answer ecological questions. Our network will share methods, techniques and expertise to improve the collection of drone remotely-sensed data in tundra ecosystems and to enhance the comparison of data in future.

Shrub Hub Research Network
Research network of 125+ scientists studying shrub dynamics in tundra ecosystems

A tundra biome-wide initiative to explore vegetation changes in rapidly warming tundra ecosystems

Tundra Tea Bag Experiment
An international effort looking at decomposition rates in a warming tundra biome – led by Haydn

Coding Club
A peer-to-peer learning community promoting fluency in statistics and programming – led by TeamShrub members

Geoscience Outreach
A 4th year undergraduate course teaching science communication and engagement – organised by Isla

Conservation Science
A 4th year undergraduate course in conservation science by Isla and Aidan Keane

Edinburgh Ecology Network (EdEN)
Network of ecologists from universities and research institutes around Edinburgh

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