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The Shady Bench

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picnic table

Back in Sherbrooke, during my postdoc, we used to eat lunch at a lovely shady picnic bench and discuss scientific advice and mentorship issues.  The original members of the Shady Bench are Mark Vellend, Carissa Brown, Eric Vander Wal and me!  Here is a list of some of the nuggets of information that I gleaned during that time, from my academic upbringing and in the years since then.


Guide to Pitching Papers IMS2014

The 5 pivotal paragraphs in a paper – Dynamic Ecology

JC Cahill’s “Finding the “Pitch” in Ecological Writing”

Novelist Cormac McCarthy’s tips on how to write a great science paper

How to write a paper and the “Nature” summary abstract – Nature Journal

Ten simple rules for structuring papers

How to write a paper (part satire) – Nature New York Blog

Pre-registration templates

Open Science Framework Pre-registration Templates

Science Communication

Tips for Effective Communication in Ecology – My parents and me!

How to wreck your own presentation: Twelve tips to confuse an audience


Tips for leading discussions 2014

UBC’s Biodiversity Discussion Group Page

Reading the Literature

How to (seriously) read a scientific paper

Synthesis and Collaboration

An Early-Career Scientist’s Guide to Delving Into Data Synthesis

Graduate Studies

Isla’s Advice on Graduate Studies IMS2014

Academic Jobs

Job Interview Questions IMS2012

Guide to a Job Interview JM2010

Academic CVs

Team Shrub’s Tips: CVs & Job Applications

What to and not to put on your CV – Dynamic Ecology

The concept of the shadow CV – Jeremy Fox

Reviewing papers

Guide to reviewing papers IMS2016

How to review a manuscript for a journal – Dynamic Ecology

Interesting links

On novelty and big ideas – Mark Vellend

On fixed and random effects in hierarchical models – Dynamic Ecology