Tundra Trait Team

Postdoc Anne Bjorkman and the sTundra group have been working to compile a data base of tundra plant traits in collaboration with TRY data contributors and researchers working at sites around the tundra biome.  We have compiled ~70,000 observations of tundra plant traits from all over the Arctic and alpine regions of the northern hemisphere. In combination with the TRY database, this equals a total of more than 85,000 observations on 827 unique tundra species – by far the largest database of tundra plant traits in the world.

Check out the Tundra Trait Team website to find out more!

The 85,000 Tundra Trait Team + TRY plant trait records  for 827 tundra species.  The size of the dots indicates the number of records.  The asterisks indicate vegetation monitoring sites from the International Tundra Experiment database.

For more information or to contribute data please contact Anne Bjorkman.