Things don’t always go to plan

Today’s post is supposed to be about using drones to detect changes in phenology. However, when you’re trying to communicate with remote Arctic islands, things don’t always go to plan.

For those excited about drones, don’t worry. That post will be here soon.

For everyone else, we’re keeping up the phenology theme with TWO fantastic new videos that made it off on the latest plane flight!


We have been using phenocams (time-lapse cameras) to track the changing of the seasons at both our sites. Yesterday Izzy wrote about setting up the cameras at our southern site, but today we are focusing on the North, hopping up the length of the UK to Qikiqtaruk – Herschel Island.

Nestled amongst the shrubs, we have phenocams tracking when the willows come to life, capturing the burst of tundra green spectacularly.

Out on the hilltops the snow melts away and the flowers fight for the midnight sun. And, true to form, things don’t go fully to plan as a musk-ox tries to muscle in on the action.

By Haydn

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