Inspiring Young Scientists

This week, TeamShrub and Airborne GeoSciences were at Our Dynamic Earth for the Inspiring Young Scientists Event ‘The Universe is Your Oyster’. There were 2201 guests at the event including youth of all ages and their parents on the 16 and 17 October 2016.

At our table we had a selection of drones, a flight simulator, photographs and videos of our Arctic adventures, and everything from our Tundra Top Trumps game, Thermokarst the Dragon to the TeamShrub mascot of Otto the Walrus! Just next door were other folks from the School of GeoSciences with jelly volcanoes, cabbage juice and fun activities to illustrate ocean acidification, ocean currents and volcanic eruptions. Down the way, Sophie Flack had a table with her “carbon sink”, an actual sink with tropical plants planted in it, illustrating an eddy covariance town in a tropical rain forest.

It was a very fun event, and hopefully over the two days we managed to inspire some young scientists! Thanks to Andy for organising and coordinating the TeamShrub display and to Andy, Sandra, Jakob, Haydn and Tom from AirBorne GeoSciences for proudly donning their purple TeamShrub t-shirts to represent Arctic science using drones at the event!

By Isla

Here is the video that Dynamic Earth put together about the entire event, TeamShrub features at minute 2:15.

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