What a difference a day makes

Yesterday it was 26℃. Today it is raining. We have nine hours to buy all our food, gear and equipment for fieldwork and I accidentally booked the car for tomorrow instead of today.

“Hi, I’m just wondering if you have a car available for hire that I could pick up this morning?
“Sorry, when do you want it?”
“This morning”

“Uhhhh, we have nothing available until the 12th of July”

Many phonecalls later…


Well, we have a truck…”

The truck was delivered within the hour and things started going a little more smoothly. John arrived on time, and with all the bags; we supermarket swept Superstore in record time, whirled through Canadian Tire, Home Hardware, etc., and even had time for lunch with Meagan, a trip to Yukon brewing, and a tour round the animal room(s) at chez Grabowski’s in the evening. The room is now full of boxes, we are full of pizza, and John is asleep in the corner. What a difference a day makes.

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