A superduper awesome place – Mt. Logan

What is better than ‘super awesome’ – the Anglo Canadian catch all phrase for excitement – a porch discussion here in Inuvik determined the phrase ‘superduper awesome’ had to mean the most awesome-est-ness. And where might the most superduper awesome place in Canada be…

Barefoot glacier run
Team Drone on a barefoot Ice Fields run!

As a pinnacle to our Kluane trip on our very last day in Kluane ‘Team Drone’ decided at the very last minute to schedule a flight out to the Ice Fields.  The weather was supposedly good out over the ice, if a bit cloudy in the front ranges, and Tom the pilot was game, so the four of us piled into the Helio Courier and headed out on our epically Canadian trip to base of the tallest mountain in Canada and largest in the world by girth and volume – Mount Logan.

The weather turned out to be perfect out and it was a fabulous flight up and back with a magical time spend gallivanting around on the ice.  We threw snow balls, took some Logan selfies, did a barefoot run and of course did some epic jumping shots!

Thanks Pilot Tom and Ice Fields Discovery for the fabulous trip to perhaps my favourite place in Canada – well Saturna Island is pretty awesome, and of course I love Qikiqtaryuk where we are headed next… anyhow the Ice Fields are a totally superduper awesome place!  You must all go visit some time if you get the chance.

Mt Logan

By Isla

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