Piping in R – a celebration of Robbie Burns Day

This week for TeamShrub Lab meeting we did Isla’s intro workshop to piping in R.  I discovered piping nearly a year ago and it has changed my coding life!  No more nested loops for me, well maybe not quite as many.  I am still on my way to learning all the functionality of dplyr, but in case you haven’t discovered the wonders of piping and dplyr here are a few useful links.

Intro to dplyr

Here is a blog on the concept of piping in R

Here are a couple of blogs that put piping and dplyr together!

And finally here is Haydn’s piping joke converted to dplyr for Robbie Burns Day.

RobbieBurnsDay <- the haggis %>% do(“in”)

Do you get it?  Piping in the haggis!

by Isla

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