Farewell Kluane or Well done Team Shrub!

Tired, but well we left Kluane yesterday morning. After a legendary effort over the last week all work is finally done, all gear packed up and all boxes safely stored away for the winter.

It was sad to wave goodbye to the old and newly found friends and it would be a lie to say that there was not a tinge of nostalgia in our truck when we pulled out onto the highway.

Three hours later we were back in Whitehorse and it was time for the first of our big Team Shrub goodbyes. With few minutes to spare we dropped off Joe and Haydn at the airport for their flight to Vancouver and into their well deserved holidays.

Isla, Santeri and I are staying behind in Whitehorse for the weekend; letting ourselves drift into the hum of the city, marvelling about the simple things that have become so unfamiliar to us: busy streets, hot cappuccinos and bustling pubs.

It was an epic summer, full of adventures, breath-taking nature and wonderful people. We will cherish our memories for a long time.

Text by Jakob
Photos by Team Shrub (edited by Sandra) and Joe