Autumn is coming!

Santeri and Jakob at the top of the plateau. Check out the autumnal tundra colours!Blustery winds were howling through our cabin this morning. Dreading the cold we pulled our sleeping bags tighter around our necks and hit the snooze button once more.
We’re back in Kluane and autumn (or fall for the North Americans among us) is not far away. The colours are starting to turn and the Yukon’s mountains have become even more stunning.

A couple of days ago we hiked up to the Kluane Plateau. Climbing meter by meter it felt like going forward in time: the higher we went the more yellows, oranges and reds surrounded us. Up on the plateau we prepared Haydn’s tea bag experiment for the winter, dug out the tea bags for his summer decomposition experiment and collected last-minute dwarf birch and arctic willow samples for the common garden. At the very top we were rewarded once more with epic views of the lake and the St. Elias range.

Back at base life is busy, little time remains before we leave and a lot needs to be done before packing up. While Isla and I are planting the birch and willow in the common garden, braving the rain and wind, the rest of the team is patiently preparing the over 900 litter bags that are need to be assembled for Haydn’s litter decomposition experiment.

Luckily, the long working hours are balanced out by the wonderful people and comforts of the Kluane Lake Research Station. Running water, hot showers and delicious dinners – what more could one ask for? After the long time up North, the arrival back at base felt like coming home… and indeed, if we close our eyes a little bit the autumnal mountains look just like the Scottish Highlands.

Post by Jakob
Video by Santeri
Pictures by Team Shrub