Team shrub highlighted in BioScience

Isla and other ShrubHub members are mentioned in a recent article in the journal BioScience: Plants Duke It Out in a Warming Arctic by Lesley Evans Ogden.

From the article: “Researchers are collaborating to document and predict Arctic vegetation shifts, particularly the phenomenon of shrub encroachment, or shrubification. What do we know about vegetation change in a warming Arctic? Are shrubs taking over, and where are the knowledge gaps?… Myers-Smith uses repeat photography, vegetation monitoring, and tree ring assessment, noting a dramatic shift… In 2014, she was surprised to measure an individual with a height of 1 meter, a giant twice as tall as most others. “We named him Gunther, the tallest shrub on Herschel Island,” she says. Gunther grew 20 centimeters in one summer.”

GuntherGünther the 110-cm-tall shrub on Herschel Island